How to Care for Your Leather Belt

A common concern is how to care for your leather belt, and if you need to treat the belt with anything. A quality full grain leather belt requires minimal maintenance for years of use. Alberta’s typically dry climate means it’s essential to monitor your leather. If it appears dry, apply a leather conditioner, such as this one.

Keep It Dry

Repeated exposure to moisture and drying poses the biggest threat to any leather belt. If your belt becomes wet, avoid hastening the drying process and allow it to air dry naturally. Hang your belt in a well-ventilated area at room temperature and let it dry on its own. Once dry, simply wear it. Your body heat will usually soften the leather, making it ready for use. If, by chance, the belt becomes excessively rigid, a light application of leather conditioner can help soften it. However, avoid overdoing it; excessive conditioning is detrimental to the belt’s quality.

Scuffs and Scrapes

As you wear your belt, it may develop scuffs and scrapes as part of everyday use. In most cases, I believe this just adds to the character of a Full Grain leather belt. If you would like to touch these up though a light application of conditioner, rubbed in with your fingers, will usually blend them in nicely.

By following the steps above, you will find your Angst and Co. Leather Belt will give you years of enjoyment.

Wear it! Leather loves to be used and the worst thing for it is to sit in a drawer! Put it on, and enjoy it. I hope my tips on how to care for your leather belt help!

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