Full Grain Leather Belt


Using high quality leather and materials that I source from reputable leather suppliers in North America, I handcraft each wallet, belt, bag and other items in my workshop in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

Rugged and Simply Designed

Meant for everyday use, these leather goods are functional and will wear and age beautifully.  Whether you choose a natural leather to allow it develop it’s own unique character or a dyed leather, with care these items will last for years to come.

If you have questions about any items, or want to discuss a custom order, please feel free to contact me.

Leather that is actually leather

FULL GRAIN LEATHER is the real deal, the best you can get. Richness, depth and character is only possible with full grain leather. Full grain refers to the full hide with all of its layers intact. It is the most durable part since it had to protect the animal from all the elements. It is also the most expensive part of the hide, and this is what I use to create all my wallets, belts and bags. This part of the leather will also show “imperfections” such as healed scars, insect bites, wrinkles, etc. all of which are natural characteristics, and that’s what gives it that unique, one-of-a-kind look.

“Genuine leather” is typically a split grain or bonded material also known under the general term Genuine Leather. It is created from the fibrous part of the hide left once the top-grain of the rawhide has been separated from the hide. Split or Genuine leather usually has an artificial layer applied to the surface and is embossed with a leather grain (bycast leather). Have you ever had a belt or wallet that appears to have the leather ‘peeling” off after use?

All Angst and Co. products are made from the highest quality Full Grain Leather, the strongest and the most durable part of the leather hide


When you want to give a gift that will create a lasting memory - buy leather!


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