How to Spot Fake Leather from the Real Deal

How to Spot Fake Leather: 4 Simple Steps

Leather – the material we all love, but learning how to spot fake leather from the real deal can be a bit tricky. Don’t worry, if you buy from Angst and Co. you are always getting the real deal, however in case you aren’t, I’ve put together 4 ways you can spot authentic leather. If you’re tired of wondering what’s real and what’s fake, read on, and you’ll be a leather pro in no time!

1. Smell: Real leather has a distinct, natural scent. It often has a pleasant, earthy aroma, whereas faux leather may have a chemical or plastic odor.

2. Texture: Real leather has a unique grain pattern and a soft, supple feel. You can often see the grain and imperfections, whereas synthetic materials may have a more uniform, artificial texture.

3. Edges and Back: Check the edges and back of the leather item. Real leather will typically have rough, unfinished edges, and the back may show a suede-like texture, while fake leather often has clean edges and is more uniform.

4. Heat and Needle Test: Gently apply a hot, but not scalding, object to a hidden area of the leather. Real leather can handle the heat without melting, whereas faux leather may distort. You can also try pricking a small, inconspicuous spot with a needle; real leather will show pores, but synthetic leather won’t.

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